Welcome to the National Council National Council Adhesive Binding Practice Test

Below is a practice test to gauge your knowledge and expertise on the adhesive binding printing process. This is not a pass/fail test, rather helps you determine how prepared you are to take other tests offered by the National Council. All questions and answers are copyrighted material and are the sole property of the National Council for Print Industry Certifications.

1. When performing a knife change, which of the following should be done when handling the replacement knife?

2. When setting up the cover feeder, all of the following can cause double feeding from the feed table EXCEPT:

3. Which of the following is an indication that the knives need to be changed?

4. Which of the following does NOT need to be double checked prior to burning a belt?

5. You are running 300,000 with 3% allowable waste. Calculate the allowable waste.

6. Convert 5/8 to a percent.

7. If 1" = 2.54 em, what does 11” equal in em?

8. In the gather raceway, the next job has a bigger untrimmed signature width. What needs to be adjusted to the gatherer raceway to accept this size?

9. When setting up several pockets it is a good idea to do what?

10. The mechanical caliper is designed to detect the ___ of the signature as it travels through the packer/hopper.

11. How does product transfer from the gathering chain into the binder?

12. It is crucial to have a smooth transfer from the ___ to the binder clamp index pin.

13. A signature is out of position to the carrier pin. What should you check first to correct problem?

14. A frontero type trimmer is designed to trim a book with what?

15. When making restrictor adjustments, be sure to keep the restrictor from contacting the ___.