Welcome to the National Council National Council Stitching Practice Test

Below is a practice test to gauge your knowledge and expertise on the stitching process. This is not a pass/fail test, rather helps you determine how prepared you are to take other tests offered by the National Council. All questions and answers are copyrighted material and are the sole property of the National Council for Print Industry Certifications.

1) Which wire gauge is best suited for a thick book?

2) Grain of paper is important to stitcher operators because it impacts:

3) Over lubrication of the gathering chain could cause:

4) Which quality control device detects squareness of a book and rejects it if it is incorrect?

5) How does product transfer off of the gathering chain?

6) Which of the following devices cannot be added to a three-knife trimmer?

7) When setting product transfer from gathering chain to trimmer infeed, the product should transfer in which manner?

8) What should be adjusted if stitches are not on the spine of a book?

9) When setting the pocket for a 16-page section with a 3/8-inch high folio lap, it is better to run with the:

10) If a card is dropping too late, which of the following should be done?

11) When rebuilding stitcher heads, the driver should be replaced if it:

12) When checking irregular face trim, which should be checked first?

13) You are running at 14,000 books per hour and netting 10,800. Your run length is 100,000. What is your estimated time of completion?

14) Assuming that lockout is impossible, when is it permissible to bypass OSHA’s tagout procedure?

15) At what sound level is hearing protection required?