Welcome to the National Council National Council Web Offset Practice Test

Below is a practice test to gauge your knowledge and expertise on the web offset printing process. This is not a pass/fail test, rather helps you determine how prepared you are to take other tests offered by the National Council. All questions and answers are copyrighted material and are the sole property of the National Council for Print Industry Certifications.

1) ________ should be monitored regularly and maintained at the proper level to help prevent plate blinding.

2) Which of the following is a recommended remedy for streaks appearing horizontally in the printed image?

3) The ________ sits between two oscillator rollers and serves to smooth, condition, and transfer ink, connecting the other rollers in the system.

4) In a 10-minute period, an ideal lithographic ink should:

5) The need for a dryer and chill rolls depends upon:

6) Setoff, or offsetting, in the folder or delivery can be caused by all the following except:

7) Which types of folds are always made across the web at right angles to the grain?

8) Which of the following would be considered a typical trapping value?

9) Non-uniform blanket thickness is a likely cause of:

10) _________ is a densitometric measurement that indicates how well the three-quarter tone to shadow areas of an image are reproducing on press.

11) The best way to reduce gusset wrinkles is to:

12) Increasing ink film thickness to increase optical density will have the effect of _________ tack.

13) When removing the protective wrapping from a roll of paper you should use the following:

14) When setting the chopper depth, you should:

15) For a given amount of squeeze, pressure at the printing nip is about ______ as at the plate-to-blanket nip.